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Episode 7: A Few Thoughts on Aging Well

Episode 7: A Few Thoughts on Aging Well

We discuss some ways of aging well, including spending time in nature and decluttering our possessions. We also talk about how certain things come back into our lives, continue to bring us joy, and ignite our curiosity.


Mäntylä House (Finnish for “house among the pines”) designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Cloquet, MN

Minneapolis Institute of Art 

Portrait of Mademoiselle Dubois, Alfred Stevens (1884)

10% Happier with Dan Harris

“Well, huzzah to that! It meant that Alma had work stretched ahead of her for the rest of her life. She need not be idle. She need not be unhappy. Perhaps she need not even be lonely. She had a task. She would learn mosses. If Alma had been a Roman Catholic, she might have crossed herself in gratitude to God at this discovery-for the encounter did have the weightless sensation of religious conversion. But Alma was not a woman of excessive religious passion. Even so, her heart rose in hope. Even so, the words she now spoke aloud sounded every bit like prayer: ‘Praise be the labors that lie before me,’ she said. ‘Let us begin.'” from The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Idiot, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The Great Courses

Sigfried Idyll, Richard Wagner

Age of Anxiety, Leonard Bernstein

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning 

Marie Kondo

Featured Image: The Japanese Bridge, Claude Monet (1923-25)


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