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Episode 10: What Do You Want Out of Life?

Episode 10: What Do You Want Out of Life?

We revisit one of the big questions: “What do we want out of life?” We get into what we thought we would become, who we are, and how that relates to what we might do in the future. Do we need to do anything differently? What about ambition? Or, is just continuing to live as well as possible enough? We also discuss how we find community in social media, podcasting, and the kind of conversations we share here on La Belle Vie Show.


The Greatest Showman

Last Tango in Halifax

Judging Our Feelings The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast, April 6, 2018. Paul Gilmartin interviews Susan David, author of Emotional Agility and TED Talk “The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage.”

Why Buddhism is True by Robert Wright

“The monastery comes to you.” – Shinzen Young in The Science of Enlightenment 

“Can Dirt Save the Earth?”


Featured Image: Greyed Rainbow, Jackson Pollock, 1953


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