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Episode 14: Meaning and Importance of Home

Episode 14: Meaning and Importance of Home

We explore something we consider an essential part of la belle vie: home. What does home mean? What makes a place feel like home? How much of your identity is formed by where you come from, where you’ve lived, and where you live now? We also get into interiors of homes and what they say about us as well as how much our physical surroundings affect the quality of everyday life.


Where is home? by Pico Iyer, TED Global 2013

“It’s wise to identify how important a sense of home and place is to you and to maintain the level of domesticity that supports your well being. So, whatever your preference is, the goal is to be at peace with your surroundings.” – Philip Moeller, “Why Our Homes Make Us Happy” by US News and World Report, April 5, 2012

Outer order creates inner calm.” – Gretchen Rubin

“The Importance of Creating a Home for Your Soul” from www.anthonylawlerarchitect.com

Featured Image: Intérieur à la fenêtre, Carlos Nadal, 1917-1998


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