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Episode 24: Living an Authentic and Supernormal Life

Episode 24: Living an Authentic and Supernormal Life

We continue our discussion of the course “The Meaning of Life” and the concept of true freedom as defined by two seemingly unrelated figures, Friedrich Nietzsche and Mahatma Gandhi. We felt liberated by Nietzsche’s idea of being the heroines of our own autobiographies but then felt the brakes applied by Gandhi’s call to conscience. He had us reevaluating our values and generally reassessing our lives, all of which may be uncomfortable but necessary for a meaningful life.


The Meaning of Life: Perspective’s from the World’s Great Intellectual Traditions, the Great Courses

Friedrich Nietzsche

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi (1982)

Featured Image: The Cultivation of Ideas, Rene Magritte, 1928


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