a podcast about living a beautiful and meaningful life


Way back in the 2000’s, Ally and Kristen met in a photography class while living in Paris and a close friendship was instantly sparked by a shared passion for art, aesthetics, and champagne. Now back in the US living in different states, they still connect through weekly chats and this podcast grew out of those conversations. La Belle Vie Show essentially explores the question What does it mean to live a beautiful, happy, and meaningful lifeThey hope that sharing their experiences and lessons learned can help you live your own version of la belle vie.

About Ally

Since taking early retirement from practicing law, Ally has dabbled in many of her myriad interests from studying art and photography to volunteering with international aid organizations and working as a lifestyle expert. With a lifelong passion for experiencing other cultures, she has traveled to over 50 countries, butchering many foreign languages along the way(!) A serial mover, she most recently landed in Baltimore with her husband and their two dogs where she is realizing her dream of making a home in a historic rowhouse. On the weekends, the entire family is discovering the joys of country living on their small farm in the mountains.

About Kristen

A teenage fascination with Marie Antoinette inspired Kristen to pursue several degrees in French literature, art and architecture. After a brief stint as a French teacher she moved to Paris for what would become 15 years of life abroad. In the French capital she worked as a magazine editor for a couple of years and then spent more than a decade helping people discover the endless stories the City of Light has to tell as a guide and then Director of museum tour company, Paris Muse. In 2012 she relocated to suburban Chicago where she now lives with her husband and two lovely daughters.